Ready to Wear

These are wigs that I make from time to time; often inspired by current trends or one of our client favourites from over the years. If you’re looking for a HoneyHand wig that is ready to ship and wear, look out for our wig drop announcements on Instagram as once they become available, they won’t be here for long.

  • Ready to Wear
  • Ready to Wear
  • Ready to Wear

    Hey Honey,

    The latest drop has arrived and its a natural black afro Cocoa wig. Inspired by the beauty of a (Teenie Weenie Afro), this wig is a personal favourite of mine, capturing the essence of natural afro hair - a truly chic and bold hairstyle that celebrates the beauty of short, textured curls, embodying confidence and individuality.

    Our Afro Cocoa wig pays homage to this iconic style, offering you an instant transformation with the convenience of immediate shipping.

    If you missed out on this drop and can't wait for the next one, check out the Made to Order page to order a custom wig. Stay tuned for our Instagram announcements to catch the Ready to Wear limited-edition wigs when they become available.


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