Made to order

We take pride in offering a personalised experience that goes beyond delivering a wig; we strive to deliver confidence, beauty, and a touch of luxury directly to your door. Every wig is meticulously customised to ensure the perfect fit, colour, and style that embodies the HoneyHand signature finish. 

  • Made to Order
  • Made to Order

    Hey Honey,

    To improve the order management process and maintain the highest standards in making your custom wig, there have been some changes to our ordering system. Now, you'll need to reserve a slot for the creation of your bespoke wig. These slots are dedicated times for crafting wigs, ensuring meticulous attention to detail without rushing the process. While they are not for in-person appointments, they guarantee the same level of precision and care as our in-person services.

    Your custom wig will be made and dispatched within 2 weeks of your booking date. This adjustment aims to preserve the exclusivity of our service while ensuring a consistently high level of quality. In the event we're able to make your wig sooner, we will. x

    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to creating a uniquely tailored wig that exceeds your expectations. If you have any special requirements; feel free to pop a note in the allocated box and i'll try my best to accommodate your request.


    Custom Wig Delivery Service
    Regular price £500.00

    All made to order wigs are full lace with a standard cap size of 22.5". The lace is not cut. The wigs can be worn glueless but this will depend on the method used to install. I recommend using glue for the best finish.