About Hannah

HoneyHand is the only London-based stylist specialising in Pixie and Bob wigs and sew-ins. This high-demand niche is the result of over 15 years of crafting my technique, which has been worn, celebrated, and appreciated by thousands of women across the world, giving me pride and gratitude as a global pioneer in the industry.

When I started HoneyHand, I was just 17, and by age 24, I was excited to be opening my second salon and welcoming clients from all over to proudly share with them my ‘HoneyHand’. The name was actually coined by my sister, who had originally come up with it while throwing names out for my mum’s catering business years before I started the company. Years later, it was rightfully and fittingly adopted by me. I’m often asked how I got into doing short hair, and it was with a simple desire to have short styles (which I’ve always loved) without cutting my natural hair, which I never felt suited me because my head is sooo small. From that moment on, I was perfecting my craft in a way that, over a decade later, still allows me to pioneer the industry with my technique.

Every business owner's dream is to have a successful, flourishing business, and honestly, my dreams came true very quickly, but not without some harsh realities. Trying to meet the demand and the complexities of each individual client, along with my own quirks while growing extremely fast, was the part of my dream that revealed itself in real-time, and honestly, nothing could prepare me for it. Between then and now, a lot of life happened; a wonderful husband, three beautiful children (thank God), and a global lockdown, all of which have enabled me to reevaluate my vision for HoneyHand and ensure that I can continue building my passion around my growing, young family, while ensuring I can offer my clients a personal, quality experience.

HoneyHand 2.0 has two core focuses: Better Service and Passing on Knowledge. I honestly want to be able to provide my clients with an all-round great experience from the moment they sit in my chair. I’m often seen as standoffish and not very chatty, but truth be told, nothing makes me happier than to create new looks for each and every one of my clients - I suppose I find myself in my creative element and often zone out into my own world trying to compose a masterpiece each and every time I’m given the opportunity to create.

Knowing how sought after HoneyHand is by women across the world has given me the foresight to teach other women my technique and make the HoneyHand pixie and bob a recognised standard in wig making and styling worldwide across our communities. To everyone that has been on this journey with me, admiring and desiring my work - I hope to reach you through teaching others and continually enhancing and expanding the art of HoneyHand.