A super cute straightener with smoothing ceramic plates that glide effortlessly through hair, reaching roots and edges with ease. Specifically designed for slaying your shorts styles, Acacia is ideal for both wigs and natural hair. The pencil design is ideal for smoothing out those hard to reach areas that regular sized straighteners cannot reach.


    Hey Honey,

    Let me introduce you to Acacia – a little gem that I personally designed to make your styling experience super easy. Acacia is a result of my quest for the perfect tool to perfectly style my wigs and sew-ins. Made with smoothing ceramic plates, Acacia effortlessly glides through hair, ensuring a sleek and polished finish. The unique pencil design, inspired by my own experiences in perfecting pixie wigs, allows me to reach every root and edge with precision. For me, it's a styling tool; that’s an extension of my love for creating flawless looks.

    Designed for short styles and ideal for both wigs and natural hair, Acacia is a game-changer. I know the struggle of reaching those tricky areas, and Acacia is my solution to make styling easier and more enjoyable for you. So, whether you're a seasoned stylist or just passionate about your wigs, let Acacia be your go-to companion. Transform your styling routine and bring out the best in your wig game – because you deserve nothing less.


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