Our Happy Brides



My Honeyhand experience was absolutely amazing. As a bride you're often very careful and particular when choosing wedding vendors, as you are looking for skill, reliability and for me, someone or a company who will make you feel comfortable and confident  on the day itself. My experience ticked all the above. 2 days prior to the wedding, the amazing stylists at the salon did my sew-in, they were fast and even built a nice friendly atmosphere too. On the day, Hannah came to my house - she was so peaceful and calm, she knew what she was doing and did so within the time constraints given. What I love the most was, even though we had a look in mind, Hannah made sure it was personalised and actually suited me, she thought about my face, even my best side. She even asked for immediate feedback in case I wanted to make a few tweaks, instead of packing up and running off. She spoke lovely words to calm my nervousness but knew when to be silent. I was nothing less than happy when I looked in the mirror. Honeyhand did an amazing job!


Mrs Kayo De Torvy

6th June 2015 

Middle parting closure install,

styled with slick curved bangs and a roll bun


Mrs Lola Hamza

5th September 2015

Side parting Lace closure, curled into a loose bun, 

with dangling feature curls


Mrs Damilola Enime

24th September 2016

Weave with leave out styled with a quiffed fringe 

with pin curls into a bun